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The Embassy of Italy in Nairobi comprehends the following Offices:

Diplomatic Chancellery

Head of Mission: Ambassador Mauro MASSONI

Deputy Head of Mission, First Secretary:  Mr. Andrea MARINO

Secretariat of the Head of Mission:
Mrs. Susanna Kravos PORTER and Mrs. Fiorella INGOGLIA

The Head of Mission follows directly the internal and external politic issues regarding Kenya and Seychelles, the activities of organizations of United Nation in Nairobi and issues about Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania regarding the cooperation. The Head of Mission, as well as at the telephone numbers given at the homepage, can be contacted by email at the addresses,

Permanent Mission to UNEP and UN-HABITAT

Permanent Representative: Ambassador Mauro MASSONI

Deputy Permanent Representative:  Mr. Andrea MARINO

Focal Point UN: Mr. Alessandro SERPICO

The Permanent Representative, as well as at the telephone numbers given at the homepage, can be contacted by email at the addresses,

Consular Chancellery

Head: Mr. Andrea MARINO

Consular and social affairs: Mr. Roberto PAIONI, Mrs. Valentina LEANZA and Mrs. Hélène Dehem VINACCIA
The Office can be reached by email at

Visa Section

Head: Mr. Andrea MARINO
Visa Section: Mrs. Alessandra CASABELTRAME and Mr. Massimo FRANCO

For particular requirements or for a visit in a different time is advisable to arrange previously a meeting by phone. To get a visa is mandatory to arrange an appointment, and before that to possess all the documentation needed, through VFS Global, as specified at the Forms webpage. The Office can be reached also by email at the address


Commercial Attaché: Mr. Paolo ROTILI

The attachés are committed to facilitate and increase the volume of commercial relations between the Italy and Kenya. The public is received upon appointment by phone or by email at the address

Local Technical Unit

Head: Mrs. Teresa SAVANELLA

The office is competent for Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Contatti: +254 20 3319199 / +254 722202302 / +254 734699956 /  fax +254 20 2229141

Liaison Officer for Broglio Research Centre – San Marco Base


Italian Institute of Culture

Cultural Attaché: Mrs. Francesca CHIESA
Assistants: Mrs. Anna Maria PETROZZI and Mrs. Vincenza PEDRINI 

The Italian Institute of Culture is located in the commercial neighbourhood of Westlands, at Grenadier Tower
Contacts: Contatti: +254 736 202071

Military Attaché’ Office

The Military Attaché accredited in Kenya, Col. Francesco Ruggiero, resides in the Embassy of Italy in Addis Ababa.